Finance Options

Capital Equipment is a necessary purchase to improve your business efficiency and financing it needs careful consideration to ensure your cash flow is not affected.

Airflow Compressors have found that many of our valued customers already have their own plans in place to finance their equipment purchases. Alternatively we could recommend PMD Leasing, who have helped a lot of our customers finance their company improvement projects by providing expert advice and solutions to match customer requirements. With the leasing option you usually pay the leasing company the VAT and an initial deposit to start, followed by a simple structured repayment scheme to be spread over a fixed term.

Airflow would also be happy to discuss customer account terms for any purchase, so please contact us on 01942 673529 to help make your plans a reality.

Payback using energy savings

Airflow regularly carry out a data logging surveys to help show customers how new equipment could make you energy savings. These savings over time will in effect cover the cost of buying new equipment. The survey is free and no obligation, so why not see what you could save to help fund your project.

Please contact us for any further information.