Air Quality Testing

There are many varying requirements throughout industries where it is critical that a certain purity of air is supplied to ensure trouble-free operation of equipment and machinery and in some circumstances that breathing quality air is provided.

Throughout our experience in compressed air industry the air quality has a direct effect on maintenance costs of point of use equipment, these costs can be reduced significantly and on some occasions eliminated through frequent tests on air quality to ensure clean, contaminant free air is being provided to the equipment and processes.

Contaminant filled air can contribute to corrosion, quality defects and in some aspects, where air is being used for breathing purposes, serious illness.

Airflow offer air purity/quality tests at competitive prices for all current and new customers and can be carried out on single or regular intervals.

Full certification will be provided on site for insurance and personal requirements.

Airflow can also arrange for regular air quality tests to be set up on a contractual agreement to ensure the required intervals are adhered to.

Airflow can provide expert advice and solutions to match your requirements.

Please contact us for any further information and advice