Teseo is a smooth bore aluminium extruded pipework system and is highly efficient with its unique 100% leak free double ‘O’ ring sealing system. The highly polished smooth bore internals decreases pressure drops and provides on going energy savings compared to traditional galvanised steel systems.

The Teseo pipework system is extremely quick to install and can be up to 50% quicker than traditional galvanised steel systems. Teseo is aluminium profiled pipework and is lightweight and uses aluminium push in fittings to ease the installation process, no more cutting, threading and sealing.

There are so many hidden costs in compressed air pipework system that some people don’t realise.

In a conventional pipework system, hidden costs can significantly increase throughout the life of the distribution system costing thousands and thousands of pounds in energy consumptions, system inefficiency and downtime.

Potentially Hidden Costs

Air Leaks

A normal distribution system can lose over 25% of the compressed air to leaks, this can cause compressors to run more than required and cause energy bills to spiral out of control.


A galvanised distribution system is subject to corrosion and pipe scale that can cause damage to downstream tools and processes. TESEO’s non-fouling aluminium surfaces ensure clean, trouble-free equipment operation and lower system maintenance requirements. Downtime In other distribution systems piping modifications or additions cause excessive system downtime & expense. A TESEO modular piping system allows for easy modification and expansion with the unique ‘live tap tool’, this allows additional work to be carried out whilst system is fully operational and pressurised.

Pressure Drop

TESEO’s high precision extruded profiles provide a smooth inner surface which significantly reduces friction and resultant air flow resistance. This results in a piping system with much lower pressure drop than in a conventional steel or galvanized piping system. Less pressure drop translates directly into lower power consumption and lower energy costs. Each 1 bar of pressure equates to approx. 7% of the total energy spend, if you are over generating your compressed air to compensate for the pressure drop across your system, this can be eliminated.

Airflow can offer full site surveys and plan, design and execute turn-key pipework projects to match our client’s site requirements.

Full CAD drawings can be provided upon request by our chartered engineers. Teseo can also be used for other products such as water, vacuum, oil and many other fluids.

Airflow can also provide and install the following pipework systems:

  • Traditional Galvanised Steel
  • John Guest
  • Air Net

Airflow can provide expert advice and solutions to match your requirements.

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