Nitrogen Generators

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BOGE Nitrogen generators


Produce your own nitrogen right from the word go with the modular system from BOGE. With BOGE’s new nitrogen generators, you select the power, nitrogen output and purity level you require as and when you need it.

This lets you boost your efficiency and produce nitrogen exactly the way you want it.

Take advantage of BOGE‘s high-efficiency modular system, which is easy to expand and retrofit. Just screw it on and set the amount of nitrogen you wish to produce. Nitrogen with a constant purity of up to 5.0 (99.999%) will be generated using pressure swing adsorption (PSA) technology.

BOGE nitrogen generators are designed with two interconnected receivers which are used alternately to ensure continuous nitrogen adsorption takes place. Using the pressure swing adsorption (PSA) method, the purified compressed air flows through a receiver fitted with a carbon molecular sieve (CMS). The oxygen molecules in the air are absorbed in this process until the CMS is saturated. By switching over to the other receiver, the process continues while the saturated receiver regenerates itself. This same process takes place in each of the modules.

Advantages at a glance

Minimal Servicing Costs

Thanks to their high-quality components, resistant valves, durable absorber material and their zirconium oxide sensor, Boge Nitrogen Generators are practically maintenance-free and ensure high operational availability and excellent nitrogen quality.

Highly flexible production

With Boge Nitrogen Generators you can adjust the purity level, delivery flow and nitrogen output flexibly at any time to suit your current requirements. The generators waste in energy or money in producing nitrogen that is purer than required or on over-dimensioned systems. BOGE Nitrogen Generators adapt to suit you, not the other way round!

Ultramodern control technology

Boge Nitrogen Generators can also be equipped with microprocessor or touchscreen controls. These operate in a network with a standard modem or GPRS. Remote control is also possible via the Ethernet interface.

Superior quality

With their high-quality CMS adsorber material, BOGE Nitrogen Generators are extremely reliable and achieve maximum service life, thanks to the superior quality of the materials used and the rigorous monitoring of the manufacturing process.

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