Condensate Systems

Ambient air often contains certain contaminants that can be hazardous to production when compressed. At Airflow we utilise various different methods of air treatments to remove these contaminants.

Due to moisture in the ambient air and vast temperature changes throughout compression cycle, large amounts of condensate can be a bi product, this is usually a lot more than what most people think. For example, if a 18.kW compressor was ran 24/7 for a year, over 10,000 litres of contaminated condensate can be produced, this cannot be disposed of without the correct treatment, if disposed of without treatment it can land you with a heavy fine.

Airflow provide the perfect solution to the problem of what to do with compressor condensate from any size of compressed air system.


According to our tests, the Sepura oil/water separator outperforms anything else available on the market today. Sepura is the most reliable separator, easy to install, use and maintain.

SEPURA oil/water separators are warranted for 10 years, and provided the equipment is selected, installed and maintained correctly, we also indemnify the end user to the value of any fine incurred as a result of non-performance of the separator.

It should be remembered that no oil-contaminated waste should be discharged to storm drains, water courses or ground drainage.

Airflow can provide expert advice and solutions to match your requirements.

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