Energy Saving

Compressed air is a must for any modern day factory but with the ever growing cost of electricity it is vitally important that running costs are kept to a minimum to ensure that producing compressed air isn’t costing you the earth.

Most factories use between 15% & 25% of their kWh costs to produce their compressed air and at Airflow we strive to help our customers to reduce these costs through providing cost effective energy saving solutions.

At Airflow we can help assist in identifying energy saving opportunities no matter how big or small your system is. Many of the companies we work with find that even a slight investment or alteration can reduce power bills by over 20%. In a lot of instances, the energy saving outweighs the investment and can provide a payback on the investment in less than 12 months, the saving is then achieved year on year for the duration of the life of the equipment.

Data logging and analysis allows us to monitor the air and power demand of your compressed air system and provide energy saving solutions based on our findings, we carry out this service free of charge for all current and new customers.

Another method in which we can identify energy saving opportunities is by a complete pipework survey.

You may find that due to restrictions and poorly maintained pipework systems the air is being restricted from generation to utilization. Pipework are like arteries in a human body, if they are full of restrictions such as rust, corrosion and contaminants then the flow can be restricted thus causing increased generation costs or system failure.

At Airflow we can carry out leak detection surveys to locate all leakages and also provide a breakdown report on how many leaks, how much the leaks are costing and a price to repair each leak on your system.

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