Posted: September 5, 2016

BOGE launches a new oil-injection cooled screw compressor that sets new standards in the 11kW performance class.

BOGE launches a new oil-injection cooled screw compressor that sets new standards in the 11kW performance class.
BOGE Compressors, a leading supplier of industrial compressed air systems, has launched a new oil-injection cooled screw compressor that combines high free air delivery and energy efficiency with extremely quiet operation. The C 16 F(D) is designed to meet widely fluctuating compressed air demands and enable users to make significant energy savings.

Part of the popular C Series, the BOGE C 16 F(D) provides the highest free air delivery of any 11 kW compressor on the market. This is achieved through the use of a BOGE’s most efficient airend to date, the BOGE effilence, which allows for high performance while consuming very low levels of power due to its high-efficiency IE3 motor.

The compressor features integrated frequency control, which is ideal for businesses with fluctuating compressed air demands. The frequency converter ensures the delivery of continuous free air in the 25 – 100% control range. If the demand for compressed air drops, the compressor’s energy use falls. This eliminates idling times and cuts energy use by up to 30 percent as a result.

A silenced intake filter and sturdy grey cast iron housing make it one of the quietest compressors in its class and ensure extremely quiet operation even when working at full capacity. This allows businesses to operate the C 16 F(D) in close proximity to the workforce and workstation.

The C 16 F(D) has also been intelligently designed for easy servicing and maintenance. All maintenance parts are arranged so that they are easily accessible. In addition, ease of use has also been prioritised. Information can easily be read off the high-resolution colour display and touchscreen buttons make it exceptionally simple to operate.

Businesses can also benefit from fitting the C 16 F(D) with BOGE’s modular focus control 2.0 control unit. This provides users with total and easy control of all compressor functionality and up to four compressors can be used in combination.

“The C 16 F(D) is one of the quietest and energy efficient compressors available. It can be a real asset for businesses looking to cut their energy usage without risking the quality of compressed air,” said Mark Whitmore, General Manager at BOGE Compressors. “The C 16 F(D) is available with a maximum pressure of 8, 10 and 13 bar and free air delivery from 0.46 to a maximum of 1.99 m3 per minute.”

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