Posted: May 12, 2015

Airflow Compressors Saves Home Appliance Manufacturer Over 100k!!

Airflow Compressors & Pneumatics Ltd are a market leading specialist in complete compressed air solutions. With an extensive wealth of knowledge and experience working with a diverse range of industries such as Power Stations, Recycling, Automotive, Food, Nuclear Power and Aerospace.

Initial Contact

Initially Airflow were invited to tender for a project to upgrade the current compressed air system of 3 x 90kW (2 x fixed speed & 1 x variable) compressors and install 3 x 160kW (2 x fixed speed & 1 x variable) units as specified by the current compressed air provider due to insufficient air in the factory and also ageing compressors.

The usual process started and Airflow installed data logging equipment, pressure transducers and flow metres to get a clear picture of the supply & demand in the compressed air system. After a week of logging it became clear that the demand in the factory was actually less than the supply being achieved by the compressor packages, this highlighted a potential restriction in the air lines. Upon further investigation we found the 3″ ringmain heavily contaminated with rust and the diameter of the pipe had drastically reduced causing a restriction and pressure drop across the system.

Airflow Recommendation

From the raw data provided from the logging equipment we could calculate that by upgrading the current pipework to ‘Teseo’ 80mm aluminium high flow distribution system we could reduce the pressure drop therefore take the load of the compressor system which would reduce the energy consumption.

We also highlighted that instead of purchasing 3 x 160kW compressors (480kWs in total), the demand of the factory could be achieved by just purchasing 2 x 90kW Boge compressors (180kWs in total), a saving of 300kWs! Boge are renowned for their effiiciency, reliability and longevity due to their excellent build quality and second to none after sales support.

Final Results

On the brink of purchasing 3 x 160kW compressors which was initially advised, our client decided that Airflow would be the best compressed air provider to take them forward and purchased the high flow pipework system and 2 x 90kW compressors.

Airflow saved this client over £50k on initial capital plant costs and now they are saving over £80k!!! per year on annual energy bills.

This is why Airflow are the market leaders of complete compressed air solutions in the UK!

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